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I am a freelance designer and maker for indoor theatre and outdoor work specialising in bespoke designs that facilitate visual and physical performance. As a maker I feel a tactile approach is essential for creating sets, puppets, props, costumes and gadgets. I work closely with directors, choreographers and artists to arrive at designs and builds that function well with physical action and are robust and tourable.

I have a long track record in understanding how sets and props receive wear and tear on the road and how performers need to interact with design elements - balance points, weight, performability, storage etc.

I am passionate about using materials that are recycled or work sympathetically with our environment. Based in Bridport Dorset I have my workshop in The Lyric Theatre where I collect a wealth of materials and found objects, which can be resourced instantly for inspiration.

I have worked with Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company for 8 years making puppets, props, costume and now set design. In August 2021 I collaborated with Claire Benson on her solo show 'Plastic Paradiso' for Pavilion Dance South West, mirroring the ethos of the show I designed the set, puppets and props using reclaimed and repurposed materials.

I worked on scenic painting for Tin Shed Scenery in Basingstoke for touring and theatre shows.

In addition to theatre work I have had commissions to design and create giant puppets and parade pieces working with community groups and schools.

Running Puppet Club at The Lyric Theatre Bridport and creative workshops for adults and children, I was lead puppetmaker working for the community project 'Peoples Puppet Project Bridport'.

In addition I deliver a wide variety of workshops for people with additional needs (learning and physical) for performance groups such as Remix Dorset, Mountfield School, Westfield College and Artz+.

My approach to working creatively in outreach is skilled and centred around the participants own creative processes.  My skill is in drawing out creative ideas from people and co-creating with them to bring their ideas to life.

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